Pheasants fighting meadowlarks


Saw the weirdest thing yesterday. While driving to my little 80 acre habitat area I noticed a bunch of commotion by a small group of trees.

A pheasant hen was running around with 2 Meadowlarks diving and harassing her. She didn't seem to know which way to go. A big ol pheasant rooster came to

her aid though as he fought with the Meadowlarks. He fought with one just as he would another rooster pheasant and kicked the Meadowlark in the stomach and

sent it flying backwards a good 5 feet. It lay still on the ground so thought it was done for. After a few minutes it seemed to revive and flew to the nearest tree.

The other Meadowlark had flown off as I don't think it wanted to tangle with the big rooster. I watched for awhile longer and the rooster suddenly made a beeline

to the base of the tree the Meadowlark had flown to and another pheasant rooster burst from his cover and flew off. The rooster was going to be protective of the

hen regardless of what was coming his way. Not sure if it was a hen looking to do a renest and that was why she was there or just trying to feed between nest

duties. Lot of fun to watch regardless. JO BO