Pheasant hunting during the gun deer season

I'm just curious if there's any extra precautions or changes you guys make to hunting during the MN gun deer season? I am going out of town duck hunting next weekend, but am planing on upland hunting the following weekend which would be the opening weekend of gun deer season I believe. I hunt with a field bred golden and wondering if I should be worried about taking her out for pheasants during this time? I usually hunt south central or southwest MN. I never like to crowd people, so on public land I always go to a different spot if I see a truck in the area. I know myself I will dress like a pumpkin but am worried about the dog. Thanks for any insight you have, I appreciate it always. Safety is always my number one concern.


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Hey Bob Peters, I sent you a Private Message........

Many people on this forum DO NOT hunt the public fields during deer season but it's totally legal to do so. I've done it before and plan do get a hunt in on Sunday and Monday of deer opener this year. As long as you keep your dog close, shouldn't be a problem and yes dressing in more orange than normal is always a good thing. I usually scout out the area I'm going to hunt and make sure there are not many deer hunters around. I've kicked up many deer while pheasant hunting and I'm sure many deer hunters have been gracious for a few wily pheasant hunters keeping those deer on the move during gun season.


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I'm one of those guys that won't do it. First, I deer hunt and the season is only 9 days. So given the choice between bird hunting or deer hunting in this case, I choose deer hunting. I can bird hunt until New Years. Secondly, the safety issue. There are over almost half a million hunters out there toting rifles or slug shotguns and I can assure you that many of them are questionable hunters. Lastly, the added blaze orange rules. Standard bird hunting blaze orange isn't legal - you need to wear deer hunting blaze orange. An orange hat or upland vest with shoulder patch orange is not good enough.


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You are fine in SW MN at least on week days. Most deer hunters are off their stands by 9AM. Respect the deer hunter or deer hunters on a public area and move on.

Pick areas that are relatively tree free on your last walk of the day ....

Lot's of deer out there. I am often seeing more bucks than roosters.

I would stay clear of the Douglas, Pope, Stearns Counties they go crazy there on big drives.


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I live close enough to another state that has good numbers and a different deer season. I have done it in the past. I don’t worry about my dogs getting shot. It can definitely be a circus.


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I had this same question a few years back, but on the 2nd weekend and it was a ghost town out there. I just avoided tracts with hunters/trucks but honestly, I dont remember ever running into a deer hunter.

I would recommend adding a orange vest to the pup for better visibility for all


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I used to hunt quail in public lands in the Lake Meredith canyon area of the Texas Panhandle until one of my buddies told me he watched me all day. When asked how and where he was watching me, he said, "I could see you and your dog through my scope"...meaning a high powered rifle was pointing at me and the dog "all day". I should have punched him in the throat but instead I quit hunting quail during deer season. You can't wear enough orange to stop a .270.
Although it was busy with hunters this weekend, I was still able to find places to walk with the dog, flush roosters, and watch them fly away unharmed. I avoided woodsy areas and of course tracts of land that had a vehicle parked on any of its borders. I would have no worries about doing it again in the future. Southern MN gun deer is a shotgun/slug area, no high powered rifles allowed fyi.


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I think if you are smart, you should not have any problems. Minnesota is blessed to have a lot of public land and plenty of space for everybody to spread out and enjoy. Wear orange, maybe put an orange collar on your dog. Avoid pieces that already have a vehicle in them or look like a piece that somebody would be deer hunting. If you really want to be nice, maybe avoid the opening weekend of deer hunting - let them enjoy their short season while we enjoy our longer (but still short) season. Only one time have I run into a deer hunter while pheasant hunting - late season muzzle loader who entered the property sometime after I did. He was sitting against a tree and I literally walked right right by him. Kind of startled me since there were no vehicles in the parking lot when I started hunting that piece, and there are no parking lot views while hunting it either. I apologized for unknowingly stumbling upon him, he was happy I was there because he "hoped I was moving some deer around."