Petition opposes PA. pheasant program changes


Pennsylvania Game Commission plans to make cuts to it's excellent pheasant stocking program. They are closing 2 of the four pheasant game farms that they previously operated and are planning to outsource some of their pheasant propagation to private farms.

Below is a Petition to oppose certain changes to Pennsylvania's pheasant stocking program. We need everyone to sign this petition and help us by getting your hunting pals to sign as well. This is an online petition, and the link to it is below:

"Just thought I would give everyone time to comment. Meeting this Sunday at 2PM in Harrisburg. On the table will be the phez program and the idea of a stamp. Skip Klinger, president of the Palmyra Sportsman Club will be there to voice his and our support of a phez stamp. Of the 6 commissioners 2 want the whole program to go away, very sad I think. Today was the last day for 14 employees working at the 2 game farms they are closing. Please comment to Skip or the game commission.
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