Pete the wonder dog

kuk kuk

Its with very heavy heart that I am going to give Pete to someone who is an avid hunter. Although he is 9 1/2, he acts like he''s 2. He has many days of pheasant hunting under him. I usually pheasant hunt 40 days per year. Most of those days are in South Dakota. I am sure he has at least two more seasons left to hunt. I would guess even more. I am 70 years old with a bad hip and I just can't keep up with how hard Pete hunts. I just purchased a GSP which will work better for me. I was planning to keep both dogs, but he deserves to keep hunting. I want to give to someone who hunts, not just 3-4 days per year. Pete is very well minded and I bought him as a finished dog. I live in Duluth but I would be willing to meet you half way. If you are interested text me at 218 390 8577