Perfection kennel?


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I've got their DVD set Perfect Start and Perfect Finish. Everything I've heard about them including from other trainers/breeders are that they are the real deal.


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I bought the perfect start video and it is very informative. I am tossing up taking my pup to them for training. I don't have the equipment they have and right now time is a big issue. I have been searching for other trainers in the ks area and sent a few emails and made a few calls and no replies.


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Jon and Cindy are both excellent trainers. I have been to several of there seminars. They are priceless. I thought I knew something about training dogs until I went. I then found out I needed to pay attention in the seminar. The videos are great but you don't get the whole picture until you are there.

Send me a pm or call me 816-200-6233