Parkin' lot at the huntin' spot


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The 9 day general firearms deer season just ended here in MN in most of the state. People dump deer carcasses wherever they want. You see a lot of them in the ditches of country roads. Its illegal but there's no way to catch them unless a CO literally catches them in the act.

People leaving trash or bird guts or deer carcasses in open public areas are skum. The ice fishing crowd is notorious for leaving crap (literally) behind all winter and then when the ice melts, its all floating or in the lake.


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Depending on the weather and what motel I might be staying at in eastern CO, I often field clean a bird off the side of the road. I travel with a complete cleaning kit, including a plastic basin, 6 gal. Water jug, zip lock bags and trash bags. I take the bird refuse with me to dispose at the motel.


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Pheasant guts and Busch Lite empties in the parking areas.

I am sorry guys, my Mother does it all the time. I tell her not to do it. She just doesn't listen.

I followed her home from the parking lot and was going to ask her to pick up after herself, but there were quite a few trucks in the driveway.
I think those trucks were forum members from here.


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Heck I usually put whole birds in the fridge for a few days. Cleaned and processed quail in AirBnB’s, goose in condos, walleyes in the bathroom sink, elk on backyard decks. Just cleanup afterwards like a high schooler who just threw a party when the parents where gone and the wife will be happier than pig in sh*t.