Opening Day Report

I didn't hear the radio alarm go off this morning (volume to low), but the dog nosed me at 5:15. She never does that but must have know what day it was (she saw the gun and vest last night). Off to the mountains to hunt blues (duskys if you wish), cooler and no snakes! :) The first flush was about 10 minutes into the hunt and I made the shot with the new gun (custom fitted stock). An hour later we were headed for the truck with a 3 bird limit, perfect timing with the forecast of 90 plus degrees. I would say blues grouse numbers look average based on what we walked, no complaints! :cheers:

Buffalo grouse in the fryer tonight for appetizers and fish and chips for the main course. Life is good! I hope it cools down soon and everyone is able to get out and enjoy the fall.


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Sounds like a great hunt! :thumbsup: But without that special alarm clock it wouldn't have happened.:D :cheers:


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Saw no ruffs down low (strange dog never even got birdy, it was much drier then usual), got up high and jumped 2 blues. Took a long poke at one in the firs on a steep side hill and told Miley no bird. Then I heard it hit the ground and I was like no way. I directed her to where I thought it was and she worked out of sight and then came back with no bird. I directed her higher and then here she came with the most unlucky blue grouse ever.

We walked a little more and jumped one and got it. That is always my grouse hunting get 2 and have a heck of a time getting the last bird. Jumped one more behind us out of the top of a big fir, no shot. Loved my new wingworks vest.

imagine if you had a 5 grouse limit like MN lol i have been 1 bird shy in MN a handful of times but should of had my limit tons!!!

3 birds is what i get stuck on most times or 0 thats more like it a big goose egg!!!

happy to see some grouse on the ground for a start of the new upland season!!! cant wait i have 13 days till opener here in MN...


BC Thanks for the report.

I usually make the decision as to where to start my trip by the time I get to Wibaux.
With the warm temps forecast I might just head right to the Little Belts. :)

BC don't trust Cal, When You blindfold Him as You head to Your Honey Holes.
Cal might just peek. :cheers:


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That pooch has some life in it's eyes! Sounds like a few of you have had a very nice start to you season.:cheers:


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I started out down low for Ruffs, dogs got birdy a few times, even found plenty of feather under some bushes along a wet draw where you could tell they had been hanging out...but no Ruffs found. Worked our way up high, saw one blue flush out of range down a draw. We hunted down the draw from the top not finding a single blue....did find a nice 5x elk shed! worked our way back to the top and like magic, it was loaded with blues. every 40 yards we walked, we would bust up about 8 birds. Limited out in no time once that happened.


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Yea, I have them on my phone. I will try and post them later today to the forum. Looking forward to going again this coming weekend. Thinking of trying a different spot, or a morning hunt for some huns, if I can find a public area somewhat close. Just hunt while its cool and get out before the snakes warm up!