Oklahoma pheasant hunt


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Went to north west Oklahoma to try to get my first pheasant. I managed to jump one rooster and take it down with no dog before I met mlmich and he offered to let me hunt with him over his gsp gunnr. Had an awesome day and ended up with a limit. One is at the taxidermist, now just the long wait to get it back. Hopefully I can meet back up with Monte and Gunnr for another hunt!


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Even though I didn't shoot a bird, witnessing Andrew take down that second or third year rooster made my day. Great shot and a beautiful mature pheasant. Not many pheasants this year where we hunted, so getting your limit is quite the accomplishment, shooting 100% isn't too bad either. Season ends Dec. 31st, so hope to get back out a couple of more times. The other days I'm out Quail hunting.
Hunted Monday at the WMA at Drummond, OK. GunnR my GSP pointed one hen and a rooster & was able to get the rooster. Walked for 2-2 1/2 hrs. Saw several hunters both duck and pheasant. Heard lots of shots, mostly duck hunters I suppose. Fewer birds this year but I enjoy the hunt & dog work.