OH. Pheas videos


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Awesome Vidoes! This is so encouraging for Ohio! I really hope this continues into the future. We hunted South Central Ohio CRP late in the season and I was impressed! I would love to be able to stay around Ohio to hunt the beloved pheasant! Has anyone heard how the Beaver Wildlife area is?



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Great report guys! Love seeing this, I was surprised to see how light colored the hens were.

Matt D

There are pockets and the area he is talking about has the habitat to support sightings like that. We have some areas around us that have great habitat and are being managed to try to get birds established with HEAVY predator control going on. Early last winter(Jan 2014) would see 25-35 birds out feeding. Unfortunately the tough winter last year seemed to do them in according to the guys that trap and hunt Coyotes down there. Was pretty hopeful they were gonna take hold there in a big way but not sure. Guess time will tell.