NW North Dakota info?

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Planning a late season pheasant hunt between the Williston-to- Crosby area of NW North Dakota. I don’t have any land connections so expect to primarily hunt public lands. Does anyone have info they can share on quantity/quality of cover in this area, and bird numbers?
Go have fun. When we hunted that area years ago (hunted that region on and off over 20 years) the cover was excellent (not too high) to watch dogs work. Unlike some the areas in MN with 5-6 foot high long stem blue grass.

Cover will be light this year with areas possibly mowed.

Bird populations are decent.

The area is hunted relatively hard by Williston, Minot and NRs ... but certainly not to the extent that MN areas are hunted. That said unlike much of MN private land in this region holds good winter cover too.

That area of ND is actually on average warmer than much of ND, but can get subzero quick. No one really lives out there so some public areas maybe unreachable if not on a bus route gravel or paved road. Oh yah roads used by the oil industry will be plowed.

Keep gas tank full ... fill anytime you pass an open station.
just got back from the crosby area hunting was good lots of drought evidence.Saw lots of huns, pheasants were ok sharpies were ok hope the weather holds
Birds were the same as last year-which is good. The cover was definitely impacted by the drought though. Alot of what was left , got mowed/baled too(including cattails). Could be used to your advantage....