northeastern, Montana October 2023 place to rent

Golden Hour

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surprised that blue green crap shows up that far north?
anyone else see it in the Daks?

There is typically a blue algae bloom in some local lakes (northeastern SD) in August. I've never seen outside of the late summer. Doesn't mean it can't, but if I recall, the water temps need to be in the 75 degree range for it. My wife's coworker lost a dog from it. They can sometimes survive, but it does a real toll on their bodies.


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Always scares me to get near any pond or dug out while hunting, but sometimes it’s hard to stop them! These ultra-dry periods are tough.
A few years back while in NE MT I had to take a dog to a vet to get stitched up after a fence encounter. He told me that a rancher had just lost a sizable sheep herd to the crap and to be aware of it. Also had a friend lose a dog to it in ID. Supposedly a couple of frosts kill it or maybe that is just an urban legend.

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So Sheridan inn hosts lots of hunters, in Plentywood .they usually book near full opening week. They allow dogs.
A lot of guys bring rv too.
Sidney and Glendive has lots of motel rooms. It’s still dry in north Montana!


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the boots protect against grass awns getting between the toes too, stay on well with stretch velcro, easy to wash up in the kitchen sink, dry overnight. added protection.
I use the Lewis dog boots as needed. Some dogs need them, most don't, but I always tell members of our group to get them and have them ready at the first sign of a problem. They can keep you in the field versus cutting the trip short because of lame dogs.


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Thanks for all of your replies to this thread. I haven't locked up a place yet so please keep those idea's coming.



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I carry a ”dog”box on the rig. It includes first aid supplies and “preventative” equipment like boots, belly saver vests, and udder ointment.
my point is if you’re not sure your dogs feet can’t handle it, or in this case a solo dog in big , rough country- you owe it to your buddy and get him a pair of boots. He will be a lot happier and so will you. It’s a small price to pay to keep your buddy hunting , prevent feet issues and prevent cutting your trip short. They’ll be worth their weight in gold when they are needed!


Not trying to rain on your parade, but taking a long trip to Montana is in my mind crazy. Way too big of country and too many hazards. Montana hunting is not easy for man or beast. We most of the time take at least 6 amd have taken as many as 10. Don’t think we have ever had too
Much dog power.
I would try to space your hunting days out pending on your dogs condition. If it's hot hunt early mornings etc.... It doesn't need to be intimidating.. have fun and be smart and think about whats best for the dog. If you or a buddy has a deer tag that should help!