Non guided hunt outfitters


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Hi guys,hope you can help me.
This past year,much of my private hunting land here in Illinois has either been mowed for hay or completely taken out of CRP.
I would like to have a good hunt this year and was wondering if anyone knew of an outfitter in the northern half of the state who offered non guided hunts for pheasants and maybe grouse,that would take a solo hunter.
I'm just looking for land to hunt on,no lodging or meals and No pen raised birds.
Since i've never hunted Nebraska and my time will be limited,I'd rather not hunt public ground.
I know Nebrasaka's numbers are'nt great this year but it's a place i've always wanted to hunt.
PM me if you want and thanks in advance.

Randy S

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There are few "upland guides" in northern NE. Waterfowl, deer and turkey yes. You really don't need access to private land for grouse or chickens. The CRP Map and state/federal lands are virtually void of grouse hunters. Northeast NE used to be very good for pheasants, not so much anymore. Try either central or the Panhandle (long drive). You can get into chickens from ONeal west to Valentine, grouse Bassett to as far west as you want to drive. Anywhere you can find corn or wheat near grass can hold pheasants. Valentine Refuge does not look like pheasant cover but the marshes do hold huntable birds. Go out at daylight and listen for cackles to narrow your search. Don't expect limits but one or two a day is doable. The Refuge is typically some of the best grouse hunting in the state at 50,000+ acres of continuous public. Population is about 10% chickens.

Calamus Outfitters in central NE does upland hunts, but I don't know why a guy would bother with private access.


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go hunt the public if you go after the opening 2 as many birds there as anywhere else...Valentine for both pheasants and grouse, you can walk forever, sand hills tough on dog feet.