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It's been over a week since I've hunted pheasant. I've been hunting snow geese around Deer Lodge. It's going to be good hunting, when I do go.Im looking forward to it.


Hey all, well we just came off our Deer gun season this past weekend, which has impacted some of the hunting. We're now starting to see some of the farmers getting their corn off (around here at least). But this season has not been that great, with the weather earlier, standing crops and now we're expecting a winter storm this weekend! I've been seeing some birds, but not that many. Most of the creek bottoms, grass strips and other cover are adjacent to standing crops, so they just run in there when they hear you coming. Until the crops come off and the weather settles, it's going to be tough, not impossible, but not great. We have a month to go on this season, I sure hope things improve.

Anyway, best of luck to all of you!

Hope all of you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Just got back and found "okay" hunting. The area we hunt had almost all the crops in so that was not the issue. Overall we saw way less birds than we did last year(which wasn't stellar). We had snow which bunched the birds up significantly which gave good shooting when we found them. What was interesting and a little worrisome was that some areas which have always held birds were completely devoid of birds or sign. Some of these areas we have hunted for 15 plus years and have them pretty well dialed in, yet nothing. There was more water than other years(fell through the ice multiple times) sometimes in areas where we have never seen water before.However I don't think that was the problem as the cover was decent in the areas we hunt. Birds we got were all fully developed young of the year birds like we are supposed to get. So hatch looked good, but not many birds. Hail? Crp loss? Predators? Just hope it doesn't get worse.

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its been a slow year for me. Still lots of standing crops and lower bird numbers. A lot of wind made things tougher as well. I have not kept an exact count but over half the roosters I have shot have been mature birds.


For a lot of guys in ND, pheasant season took temporary 16 day back seat for firearms deer season which ended on the 24th. Last weekend it was freezing rain & snow, so I didn't go out after pheasants. Looking good to hunt roosters this weekend though. I'm thinking pheasants Saturday, coyote calling Sunday. Still a lot of crop standing out here, particularly corn...
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