New e collar


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After a few years without an Elhew Pointer, I have finally put a deposit down on one that will be ready in a few weeks. I have used my Lab for the last few years upland hunting, and never use a collar on him. My last collar was a tri tonics, that was good with a tone, hardly ever used anything but the tone. My question, after not following the bird dog game for 4 years, what brand or feature on a collar today do you like? Not in any hurry to get one, as there will be plenty of yard work to do before a collar is introduced, but just thinking about it this morning and thought I would ask.

Matt D

Really depends on what you are looking to get out of one. I just made the decision to go to Garmin Pro 550 plus to have the GPS function. I run Springer’s and have never had one get away from me but with as much money as we all have invested in our dogs along with the connection factor I made the decision to spend the money to have that feature going forward just Incase. It has received very good reviews.


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I’ll second a gps function or collar. I’ve the garmin Astro 430t and love Knowing where the dog is at all times. No bells or chirps