Need a trainer for military friend that is deploying, specifically rabbit, around IL


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Hello All,

Apologies if I am missing some protocol as to where I should place this post, but it didn't seem to fit anywhere specifically so I thought I would just throw it out here.

A very good buddy of mine (hunting-wise and in general) just got a pup and had planned to train him up for rabbit hunting. Unfortunately, he was also notified over this weekend that he is getting activated to deploy to Afghanistan for at least 9-12 months, and has a timeline leaving of less than 30 days. He is in need of a trainer for the dog that would be able to board his dog, for most of this time (doesn't have to be the full time, me or his wife can handle a couple of months on either side but she already has 2 kids to take care of by herself and not a lot of family in the area so trying to take a puppy off her plate as much as possible). He is in North Central Illinois (Dixon, IL area), but anywhere within a reasonable drive would work (IA, WI, MN, etc). Cost isn't a huge concern, but obviously looking for something fair with quality training. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or contacts or on here. Thanks in advance.