NE Iowa Grouse

Off season dreaming and heard on a podcast that grouse can be found in NE Iowa, the driftless area. I'm pretty familiar with that area, as we camp up there and float the Upper Iowa throughout the summer. Has anyone seen grouse in that part of the state, or any other part of the state for that matter?


I asked a local guy that owns a bait store and gun shop in Lansing, Mark.
He said few if any. DNR is recently working on grouse habitat for 1 public area.

Bob Peters

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My buddy was shed hunting far SE MN last week and his lab flushed two grouse. They seem to like the driftless region, but not sure how the population is overall, and if there's enough for a consistent hunt.


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My guess is it's similar to the driftless area of MN where I go to turkey hunt. I hear the occasional drumming grouse in the spring, see a few pheasants in the fields and surprisingly hear bobwhites every couple of years, but I'm guessing not enough to sustain a consistent hunt.