Moving to Powell or Pinedale


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I will be moving to Pinedale or Powell in June. I am moving from Nebraska to Wy for hunting and fishing opportunities. The one thing I am afraid i will be giving up is pheasant hunting but maybe not. I am hoping for some suggestions. I am self employed and need to stay to the west side of the state. Any suggestions on chucker hunting would also be nice as I have never done it. Thanks Folks look forward to the feedback. Bill


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I wish you the best of luck in your move Bill. I commend you for following your dream. :10sign::thumbsup:


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Bill, I may not be the best person to answer here, but have done a fair share of hunting around Byron and there were pheasants and waterfowl there, along with some very nice Mulies and Whitetails!!!! Byron is just East I believe of Powell!!!:cheers:


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Bill, Powell is one of the areas in Wyoming (and there aren't many) that have good, huntable #'s of phez. Lovell, Dever, Basin, Greybull and Powell all have state sections of land, WIA's and friendly landowners with birds. I drive up there pretty much every year. There are also huns and forest grouse. Sharptail too on the east side of the Bighorns. The waterfowling can be spectacular.

Pinedale is a long way from pheasant. What it lacks in that ot more than makes up with big game opprtunities. Elk, deer, and there are antelope everywhere. Trout fishing in that area is as good as anywhere in the country, although you probably need a drift boat because river access is difficult. PLUS- near pinedale is some of the best sage grouse hunting in the west. And hunting them is really fun. Big, open country where the dogs get their first taste of a wide open hunt. It really is a great time if it is not too warm out.

I believe you have to reside in Wyoming a year to be considered a "resident", and thus entitled to all the benefits (hunting and fishing) that come with residency.

PM me if you'd like. I'd be happy to share any info you need.
+1 jsdriggs Summed it up in a nut shell.:)


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Have seen birds in Deaver.. downtown...

My girlfriend's parents still live there with the rest of the family.. driving around, I have had to dodge them... not really much pressure as far as I can tell.. may meet up some day..