Moscow Idaho ?


I have a buddy who has a job in that area, actually Pullman Washington. What public bird hunting opportunities exist?


I realize I am responding to an old post, but to answer your question (and revive the Idaho sub-forum) there are TONS of public opportunities in both just need to know how to find them using both Washington's and Idaho's state land databases. OnX helps as well, but the info there should be vetted as some state land is leased out and under private control. Leased out land is still public but the lessee has the prerogative to post no hunting signs.

In Idaho "Access Yes!" is the land access program. It is very user friendly. There are a handful of these parcels around the Latah County (Moscow area)

In Washington, of course things are more complicated. We have "Feel Free to Hunt" which means what it says, find the signs and go hunt. There is also Register to Hunt, Hunt by Reservation, and Hunt by Written Permission. Pretty straight forward, but the online tool is archaic and leaves a bit to be desired. Washington really needs to catch up to the mobile and technological tools for sportsmen. In addition to these lands, there are also a bunch of state-owned tracts that are not in these programs. If you can find them and it isn't posted otherwise, you are free to hunt.
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I lived in Moscow before moving to Alaska...
mostly hunted chukars and huns on public land, good pheasant/quail on private land.

Compared to Montana, and the Dakotas, relatively little public land for pheasants
and those public parcels are relatively small and receive heavy pressure.
Nothing like the Block Management, PLOT and Waterfowl Production Areas of MT, SD, and ND.