McHenry County Pheasants Forever Banquet


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Coming up next week fellas! Going to let me win all the guns?
Is there really that few of us that attend these PF banquets?


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negative, nobody at our table did. One of your competitors did, might have been a Golden Boy ?
You didnt make it there?
sure seemed small this year compared to the last one I was at. 2 years ago? Maybe 3?


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Better luck next time! I was out of town for this one, so I was only there in spirt:D

I think the last one your were at (a few years ago) was the one I held at the VFW in McHenry:confused:. That was a Saturday banquet so more people were able to attend. After that particular banquet I had to take a step back from the chapter as president/volunteer. My wife had enough. lol I hope to be back into it in a few years. Once the kiddies are a bit older. Time will tell.

Anyway, the good people who work with the chapter like a Thursday night banquet. It works.