maybe late season ND hunt say december?

just tossing around a idea of maybe heading back out to central maybe western ND come late season like 1st part of DEC for a 100% public land hunt??? & maybe meeting up with some folks there or heading out with some folks ETC. just a idea as of now...

i live in MN & I-94 rins us up there so anybody that wants to try to carpool i may be game? i have 1 16 month old dog with a green season under her belt & i hope she will get the hang of hunting after i get her on some more wild birds shes great tracking & finding wounded game & locating game period just needs a little work on pointing but she whoas great & will hold to shot about 90% but will hold if i say whoa... she is not finished by any means thow...

im talking 100% public land hunt & open to idea or hunting a certain area on ND a few days then head to another part to make all involved happy??? if not a crazy distance apart lol

i will be heading out to hunt early season in ND for my 1st 7 days of the license & try some areas & try to figure out the area & the birds & work from there on wear i want to hunt come late season & for my 2nd 7 day hunt period in ND... cattails & crops will be the plan in late season... & hunting some newly opened lands come late dec... cant wait!!!

i have a idea of wear some hotels are & camps if anybody is that hardcore? id say dec in ND will be hotel weather lol im game to split everything 50/50 or how ever many guys are involved??? id have maybe 3-4 total guys with me at most im guessing it will be me & 2 other guys & maybe 1 dog???

im guess im just seeing who all on here would be game & maybe work a late season hunt in with some fellow hardcore late season hunters & we can block a few of them running birds escape routes if we have enough guys...

only safe hardcore public land hunters with good attitudes who can get along with other hunters on a hunt need respond... lol

no towns need be mentioned PMs for that if need be that will come later in NOV lol


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FYI, Just something to take into account...

While it's been several years since I have been out there, NoDak has lost a lot of CRP acreage in the last couple of years. In fact I was hearing much of the existing stuff had been hayed last year and the cover on much of the walk-acres (PLOTS) were in poor condition. But... that was last year and this year may be different. One thing is for certain and that is the total # of CRP acres has diminished considerably in the last 3 years. May want to check with Fish and Game on that before heading out.

Or... you could always take a pre-season scouting adventure and run the pup on some wild birds to boot and kill two birds with 1 stone.
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thanks for the info but no amount of doom & gloom will detour me from a out of state upland bird hunt this season guys... lol i think there is still some habitat left & pheasants to be had??? got to be better then what im working with over here in MN???

i have already spoke with a few wildlife biologist & got the just of what to expect in the areas i would like to hunt in ND & no mention of total habitat loss in the area was good to hear & there was pheasants & grouse to speak of so i hope im good to go???

im really not sure of wear i should plan a out of state hunt that has habitat aka CRP left??? all the pheasant states in the mid-west are loosing CRP at a alarming rate each year... yes SD has the CREP & i think leads the way in CRP production but theres just WAY to many hunters down in SD for me to even think of a early season hunt out there if ever... i have no real solid intrigue in hunting SD any time soon...

i dont have to funds for 3 trips out to ND this season i plan on doing 2 hunting trips & a scouting trip is 3 cant wont do it lol also id rather not run my dog on a area i plan to hunt early in the season especially on public lands i feel thats a bad idea just my opinion... i will hunt/scout/check out the areas i plan to hunt late season on my 1st trip to ND & figure out wear to hunt later come late season or at least pick out some killer areas to hunt late season...

i dont plan on hunting many PLOTs lands out in ND to avoid non resident hunters & only hunting habitat that wont be hayed every year or any year... so hope thats not a major prob out in ND???


I've done it many times. For sure I can say, ND is a different world in Dec. If the weather is crappy You wont see another hunter. If the weather is decent You might see a couple.
Unless it's leased land or pay to hunt, many land owners will let a guy or 2 on. Big groups, probably not.

If You have the option, watch the weather forecasts. You can hit some nice stretches of weather. 3,4,5 days sometimes.

I've been out in ND and MT in blizzards, trust me, You don't want to do that.
Cant hunt, cant drive, roads are closed anyway, Rest areas full and no room at the Inn.

Other then weather Dec is a great time to hunt ND.:cheers:


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i dont plan on hunting many PLOTs lands out in ND to avoid non resident hunters & only hunting habitat that wont be hayed every year or any year... so hope thats not a major prob out in ND???
I guess that leaves private land only then? The only downside to knocking on doors is that sometimes it requires a lot of time to locate the owner as they may well not even live on or near the property. The other is the land may be leased out for farming to someone else (tenant) who can't give you explicit permission to hunt it, even if they see no problems. Not trying to steer you away from private, as most times that usually has the best hunting, just utilizing your time for the most time in the field.

As MNHunting stated December shouldn't be a problem with too many hunters competing for the same piece of land.

If your familiar at all with NoDak then you already know that the SW part of the state holds the most birds, but you will also find much of it pay to hunt. There is still good opportunities there along with some decent public areas, but here again it will require more road time to find good private land where someone will let you on for free.

The roadside counts should be out in the next month of so and I would wait and see how the predictions shake out before settling on an area.
oh yeah MNMThunting i watch the weather hard B4 a trip out west LOL dose not do much sometimes as the weather change so fast out west!!! i hope for good weather come 1st days of dec!!!

i do plan on spending some time on the 1st trip to ND finding quality cover for later in the season...

i dont plan on hunting any private lands in ND or buying a PLAT book/map... it would be useless to go around asking around opener i assume most will have people on there land hunting or try to charge to play & or be tired of people asking i hate knocking on doors bug n peoples to hunt there land i dont or wouldnt appreciate it so i just head to the public lands & camp out...

i always have areas picked out & scouted out at least on-line scouted B4 i head to a strange area & have em picked out 1-5 ETC. & hit them in order to save time & hunt in the field more instead of looking for areas all day... good idea to do so...