Looking for some help for 2023 grouse and woodcock


Looking for some help. Going to complete a bucket list hunt for my 75 year hunt. Heading up to Vilas county to go after some woodcock with my young English Cocker pup And another old wingman. Not looking for your honey hole, just point me in right general area. Any help on camping/ cabin rental close to hunting would be great. If you want to share anything via email reach out and I will get back to you. Tom
Thanks for help, much appreciated. Tom
Look for RGS projects, might tip you off on what type of cover to look for. Grouse are often within 10-20 yds of trails. Soil must be damp for
Doodles. I assume you have pursued them before. Donated lots of blood in the grouse woods for over 50 years. Enjoy
Thanks again. Put a lot boot to the ground back in PA climbing through thorn apple and alders. When you loose length on your fiLeon chaps you have been chasing them for sure.
Enjoy your adventure. Plenty of public to explore. Ticks could be thick. Just my random thoughts acquired from years of experience. Would be easier to hunt with you than answer questions.
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Wind River if you want to join my friend and I we can do that, sounds like fun. Let me know and we can make arrangements, talk by phone etc.My plan is to do MT and ND openers for sharptail and Huns. Go back home to Colorado at the end of September and the head to WI in October. let me know Tom
Tukudu, We think alike, but I am north of your locations where my boys and myself hunt. Birds have been good there. My sons learned on doodles. October can find us at cabin in NW WI or Dakotas for pheasants. I just need more time to cover all the ground I want to. Thank you for the invite. I know I can send you in the right direction.


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Really good numbers the last couple years, hoping for another good hatch. Great sporting target when the population is up and depressing when the populations are down. We have experienced both. Dogs prefer up. :)
I certainly understand. I met my first Hun in Montana years ago. Missed a double, but got one. They are very cool birds to chase. Ruffs and Huns, wouldn't that be a trip?
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