KY from this season

Howdy....I wanted to share a few pics from this season in Kentucky.
Birds are really making a fine comeback where good habitat is CREP fields. Our best day so far is 8 coveys and we are averaging 5 coveys per trip. Hope you enjoy.

Steve, thanks.....your welcome anytime!

esetter, we are hunting southern KY on fields in the CREP program. Farmers have enrolled over 100K acres and birds are responding well to the good habitat.
Hey Reed, great pictures, glad to see that you are getting into birds! Southern Kentucky is a short trip for me VS Kansas especially if it is the eastern part, might have to give it a go sometime but I will not forgo my trips to kansas:cheers:
Take care!
Some fine looking dogs! Great to see the birds doing well somewhere. Do you think it's strickly the habitat improvement? Does Kentucky release any pen raised birds?
High Brass

Wow, glad to hear they are doing that well. Are you hunting eastern or western KY? I'm in TN. 60 miles east of Nashville.


The CREP in Kentucky lies across the green river watershed......
8-10 counties in south central KY......
It's all private land and my experience is that getting permission can be very the culture of quail hunting is not what it used to be.

Many of the CREP farms are leased to deer and turkey hunters.....groups from Texas and Florida are now leasing ground in

Please stay in touch and drop me a line and maybe we can link up next fall and chase some wild birds.

What breed of dogs do you run?

Me: Llewellin setters

High Brass

I run Britts. Yes I would like to hunt some wild birds with you this next fall. Sorry it took so long to post back.

Take Care