~ K9 CHAOS ~ Unleashing The Joy

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~ K9 Chaos ~

Aye Mates,

As ye might have gathered, I typically run a tight ship with regards to me gun dogs MAC and TRAD in order to maintain the high degree of obedience as is a requisite for competition retrievers. Every now and then I like to let them just be dogs. Well, boys will be boys and that usually turns into a session o' “K9 CHAOS” as the aptly titled image above documents . Poor TRAD has that look in his eye as if to say, “OH NO, NOT THIS PEST AGAIN”!

This image was shot after a very productive morning o' retriever training that included work on casting drills, multiple marked retrieves, and blind retrieves on land, that followed by angle entries to the water that were deliberately set up to tempt the dogs to cheat land upon return. As expected, no attempts at cheating noted for highly experienced TRAD, MAC however made one attempt that was quickly corrected and that was his sole error in that regard.

So given what was an overall excellent morning spent training, I allowed the lads to romp a wee bit just to relieve some o’ that pent up Labrador joy just waiting to gush forth. As ye can see, the father and son duo had a blast. The competent trainer realizes the importance o' maintaining a balance betwixt the demand for technical excellence and the encouragement o' high level motivation.



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You have a talent for not only training dogs but your eye for photography rivals that training talent. Always appreciate seeing the photos of your dogs.