I lost her too soon

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I has taken me a week to even be able to put this to words. On October the 1st I lost Josie Belle to the cancer at 4 years and 5 months. That is the second dog I have had pass this summer. I have never lost a dog to anything but old age and this one hurts more knowing she was in the prime of her life. I still have the sister pups that are now almost two years old but I am not sure I will ever have another like Josie Belle. My friend who produces gundog TV made me a dvd of her time on the show and is sending it to me which makes me happy.
She will have one last hunting season as I am taking her ashes with me and Lizzie to the places we hunted from KS to ND this fall and sprinkle her where she loved to be.

Good Luck and hug your dogs!

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Sorry for your loss. Losing a dog, even to old age, is always hard. But losing one in her prime is heartbreaking. I hope you have many fond memories this fall as you spread her ashes. Shoot a few roosters for her while you are at it.


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Kick, very sorry for your loss. Way too early for a dog to pass. Unfortunately most of us have gone through this. Next month is will be 5 years since I lost my Elle to cancer at age 7. Time will heal and the memories will last forever. Take care, our thoughts are with you.


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That's just plain old bad luck. So sorry. Don't forget there's a dog or pup out there somewhere who needs a wonderful home and life that you can provide.


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My condolences. It’s never easy, especially at that age. When the time is right, there are lots of puppies out there who would love to start a new adventure with you!

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Sorry for your loss. I have heard it said that a good dog gives us only one bad day, and that is the day they leave us.


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That sucks, but it will get better, I found out this summer what that feels like myself. Lost mine on father's day and I still got choked-up talking about him this week to a fella on the phone. Hang in there.


So sorry for your loss. Hopefully with time the pain will subside and you’ll be able to fondly think about all the memories she provided.
Josie Belle was one of your family member and when you lose one it tears you apart I’m really feel for your loss but like a couple the other guys said theirs a fury little full of love bright eyed puppy just waiting too be part of your family


Kick that that really sucks. I had to put down dads Visalia last week. It was the last thing I had to connect to dad. He’s been gone 3 years now. I feel your pain. Spread her ashes and remember the great times. I will be going to western Kansas this season to spread some ashes of 3 different dogs. Will be my first trip without dad. I plan on enjoying the country and a rooster will just be a bonus.


Sorry for your loss its hard to lose a member of the family. I still show pictures and share stories about my old rescue coon hound that we had for over nine years.