Hunting Ohio’s Wild Pheasants

This year I’m not going out of state to hunt, so I have decided the dog and I will focus on native Ohio pheasants. I know there are a few wild ones around and I’ll give it my best shot, but I m not overly optimistic. I’ll report back what I find. Have a good season.

Matt D

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Best of luck. I think your expectations are where they should be but there are some out there. Hope you find some.


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I used to see some wild ones around Deer Creek . We had access to some private ground close to the lake in CRP. Good luck I know it's had to find wild birds in Ohio.
I don't live in Ohio any more but still go to the opener for the released birds on the WMA's


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There are still wild pheasants in Ohio and we know that first hand .Good luck and enjoy!


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Maybe the state should release hens through out the year and encouraging some CRP programs to create in Iowa (not the bird release part), when there is hatibat there are birds...Pheasants Forever am a sure has been try to get that push through. It must not be important to the people in power that make these decisions. PF is strong in Iowa. Support your local chapters, attend their banquits, drop some money on the auctions and raffles there. These are the funds raising events that fund the chapters and allows them to lobby, provide assistant to create habitat and conduct youth events amount other things.