Hunt Clubs in IL


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Hi Everyone,

I live in IL, about an hour west of Chicago, and I am looking into the pros/cons of joining a Hunt Club, as well as trying to find one. My interest are in upland, waterfowl, and turkey hunting, and finding a club that offers all 3 or more than just upland is tough. Does anyone have an suggestions or experiences they are willing to share? It would be greatly appreciated!
I think finding a club that offers all 3 will be very tough and also depends on your budget. You may want to look for a piece of land to lease directly from a land owner. Further from the population you get the better on price. I live in SE IL and land leases for $15 to $30/acre down here. is one of the expensive places you can join


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Green Acres Hunt club is a nice place in Roberts, IL. Just west of I-57 so it's pretty easy to access from the burbs. I grew up down there in Iroquois County, and have been there a couple of times as guest. They don't offer Turkey hunting, but a couple of other options, and a sporting clays course as well. Good luck.



I highly recommend Fortino Hunt Club in Odell. Great people and plenty of land you will never be hunting on top of anyone.
I live near Richmond, IL and there is a real nice hunt club there. However, I don't believe they offer Turkey hunting. If you're into the larger game you'll need to take the advice of the one poster to go lease up some ground from a farmer.