Hoping to pick up English Setter Female pup by at latest this fall


Finally made the decision to have my female spayed after getting super annoyed with her propensity to have false pregnancies and produce milk every time after she came in heat.

Great dog, AMAZING PERSONALITY, Good Hunting dog, good range (out to 400 yards or more) and retrieved naturally, great house dog and CALM

Disappointed Im going to have to start over, looked forward to the continuation of passing on her traits/her mothers - damn false pregnancy...just had to draw the line after her continuous self nursing which kept milk on for months. Her and her mother were just super sensitive to producing milk - could tell stories about her mother nursing puppies/taking care of puppies that weren't hers etc. Shes at the vet probably having surgery now.

Anyways, if anyone knows of a litter within a days drive of Wichita coming up thats in the neighborhood of $300-400 or so for a pup please let me know.

FDSB registered and female and will not buy from anyone that attempts to make me sign a contract controlling breeding rights or anything like that.

Would prefer to buy from a female that is a house dog and the litter born in the house as well.

I can not stand really hyper dogs - I need a calm one who goes crazy when it's time to hunt. I have to live with the dog the other 9 mos of the year that we arent hunting and it needs to be part of the family so temperament is very important.

Coming from parents that naturally retrieve would be ideal.

Only way I'd own a male is if it's free. :cheers:
Best of luck , I will ask around here in the NE part of the state , Praraie Drifter runs setters as well as SetterNut . Might be worth a Pm