Hayed Fields

Took a scouting ride into SW NE on Saturday to check out some of my opening day public ground haunts.
I was greatly disappointed as 7 of my favorite spots were hayed or tilled. Standing corn, sourgum, and milo everywhere but little to no cover. Seems that quite a few of the properties were not renewed as well. Guess I’m going to have to travel a bit further and hope there is more cover North and East.


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the promise of good NE walk in is a false one. very little of the ground can support upland bird populations.
when they hay it they put the screws to hunters, what's left is crap. they advertise a great story, but it is simply advertising.
i know, i hunted the ground the past 3-4 years, not enough ground, way over hunted.

i was raised in NE, it is now farmed fence row to fence row. the stubble program is useless, simply addd acres to access useless ground.
don't waste your time or money, go to Iowa or SD.


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That report sucks, unless it was 7 properties out of 100. In 3 and a half weeks, we should be reporting on Iowa birds. I hope you find better fields in your travels.