My renter told me he plans to start on Sunflowers In 2 or 3 weeks. He said corn will ready early too. He thinks we are 2 maybe 3 weeks ahead of last year harvest. Its been a really good summer for late crops and they are maturing early. He said they might be cutting Corn at the beginning of October.

James O

That sounds good.Looking to try out N Dakota this year will be hunting in Mott
Area Nov1-7.It sure would be nice if most crops have been harvested by then
Does anyone know when bird counts come out or if they do them

Thanks jim


I think the brood survey is out. There is a video about it on the web site. I think the August roadside counts will come out early September.
I thought the crowing counts came out in June and the Brood Roadside counts came out around Sept 10th. I am not sure I guess. What were the Brood #'s?

I found this on the site. but I believe the results of these routes (done in late July and early August) come out in first part of September. In the video the guy who does 1 of these 20 mile routes, says he thinks this year the numbers are up.



Brood #'s were up , not dramatically , but up. It said that the hatch appeared a little earlier and that the age class of this years roosters should be a little older. This is good to me , those things can be hard to identify that early. The link you sent is the one I saw. I think the roadside count is where adult birds are accounted for as well. I could be wrong.