Wife and I went out to survey the hail damage, pretty severe right locally. Two hens tried to get up, couldn’t fly right, went down right away. Clay county, very narrow strip, not sure how long.

I delayed the hay cutting until last Thursday, the bird crop was looking pretty good until today.


That stinks. Hail can decimate the birds, about 5 years ago we has a good swath cut through near by, I still haven't been back hunting in that area. All the crops were gone, just bare fields and tons of silt washed out of fields, like snow drifts....a lot of hail and rain. I figured they don't need my pressure trying to recover, there weren't any left that year to pressure. Hope the area isn't too large. Thursday morning we finally received rain, 1.25" on our CRP...no hail, we should have a bummer crop of birds coming.