Green river wildlife area


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Anybody hunt here for controlled pheasant. I normally go to Johnson Sauk trail but they have a ton of standing corn and birds a little harder to find.


Never been either. Been to Johnson Sauk Trail like you several times. I've pulled into Greenriver and just from what I can see it looks a little more open than Sauk is. Lot's of woods at Sauk. I think 1Pheas4 has been there.


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Thanks for reply. I looked at google earth. Definitely less timber. Wondering if any crops and if out. I like Johnson Sauk and usually do pretty well but until corn comes out it’s going to be tough.


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Johnson Sauk I get online and register for a spot every week 32 hours in advance or more. It appears green river is same deal. I show spots available


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are these places not in the lottery draw from a couple months back?
Can you walk in that morning?
This is the place I was telling you about Mike. You can purchase remaining permits (if available) on the ILDNR website or just show up and wait on stand by. If you go the stand by route make sure there's plenty of open permits before heading out there.

Green River is a nice place to hunt. They have some good people working there too. The pheasant habitat work they've been doing is amazing. Warm season, cool seasons, willow whips, cattails, a few strips of food plots here and there. Great pheasant habitat. They have wild and released birds.