funtastic hunt

well... our shooting eye's weren't very good but the hunt was FANTASTIC. my 82 year old friend from out of state came back for a second hunt this weekend. and it is great to see the birds !!! lots of birds. i know from my weekly hunts that the populations are very good....compared to the past years, and the majority of the birds i am seeing are hens.

well we started at 8 and stopped at noon as we are both getting older... the birds for the most part sat very good, and by noon my friend had shot (good shots) at 9 differnet birds !!!! he had i had shot at 3 all together different birds and had one... so the hunting was FUNTASTIC the meat for the table was a little less. enjoy the holidays


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Great to hear, thanks for sharing.
I would echo your thoughts on bird numbers this year, definitely better than expected. I live in Mn and have made 3 trips to Iowa and am about to head South this week for my 4th and final trip. I hunt a mix of public and private and have been surprised how few bird hunters I have been seeing in the field. There has been very little chatter on this forum all year as well.


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Good times!! I used to hunt your area a TON... ;) Have fun (and be safe) in the remaining few weeks.