Four Jakes in a Row


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Opening morning I set up about 200 yards south of the South Fork on the edge of some bean stubble. Had seen two toms and four hens in the area Tuesday evening. When it started getting light and they were still in the trees they began gobbling and seemed to respond to my calls. After sunrise and fly down they went quiet. At 8 am four jakes lined up like hunters simultaneously came over the rise heading toward me and the decoys. Seeing those four sunlit bright red heads pop up together was quite a sight. They stopped out of range, just hanging there and pecking beans. When they started drifting away off to the left I called. They turned around but didn't advance. They were just out of range. I called again. They gobbled. Then they began slowly walking back toward the decoys. One was within range. An ounce and a quarter of no. 6s through a turkey choke did the trick. Nice big jake. Wild turkey and noodles in the crock pot tomorrow.
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(Sorry for hijacking your thread, I got excited)

Awesome stuff. I am not too good to shoot a jake. Sometimes I’ll hold out for a long beard. Other times I know my time is limited so take what is available. Still learning on this game if turkey hunting. Frustrating is when it seems like you do the exact same thing in the sane circumstance and they react completely opposite.

A few years ago dad and I were on a buddies river bottom field. Gobbling on the roost. We let out some soft tells to tell them where we were, but otherwise quiet. They flew down unseen by us and went quiet. Called softly every 10 or 15 minutes. Nothing. After an hour and half or so we gave up. Decided to head to house, stood up and “oh crap there they are”. Slammed back in our seats and let out some yelps. Here they come. Like you said, they topped a little rise in the field at 80 yards, marching in unison 4 wide, fanned out. Sun hitting them in the head. At 15 yards I let the first one go. Then dad got the next. I knew my work schedule was busy so I took my second.

Yesterday dad and I were in the same field. Took my 8 year old with us. (He already tagged out in youth season). Walking in from the truck hear some hobbling, good idea where they were roosted. Hustle over, set up. They gobble 50 yards behind us. A couple minutes before legal time I yelp once. Gobble response. Then one fly’s down to decoy. Other bird still gobbling in the roost. Flies down a few minutes later. They keep crossing not offering a shot. Start meandering away. A couple purrs and a yelp and they fan out and split. I shoot the first. Dad shoots the second. Legal time was 6:12. We are signing tags at 6:15.

My boys bird from youth season. Single shot .410, 23 lbs. 10.25” beard. 7 yard shot. One excited kid. And dad. And grandpa.

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(Sorry for hijacking your thread, I got excited)

Legal time was 6:12. We are signing tags at 6:15.
(excellent judgment) :thumbsup:

Great post. Just what I was hoping to read. Your son nailed a big one. Beautiful photographs.


Love it!

I've never hunted turkeys. More interested in fishing this time of year. My son is out this morning for the first time with one of his buddies. Neither of them know what they're doing and they're hunting public ground. I'm proud of them for trying.


Wonderful pictures! Congratulations to everyone, especially the boy on his first bird. I can tell by the fire in his eyes that this is the start of a lifelong passion!