For Sale: Heritage 2 Hole Dog Box

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I've been eyeballing this box for 2 days-it's just too dang far/ out of my way. Maybe we can work something out?...Do you get to kansas during the season?
I wont this year - Sorry!
There have been quite a few people from that direction that are interested, like you said just too far.


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I have heritage and it's a great box. Warm in winter cool in the warmer months. It's worth a road trip if you need or want a good box. Maybe you guys meet somewhere, have a burger and a beer, share a few stories and bingo bango one of you sold a box and one of you gets a box.
I appreciate the interest, I sold it last night locally. I do agree with JMc I have met some neat people over the years driving to buy random things. Good luck with your search for another box!