Final trip


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Windy the last two days...birds very jumpy!!! Have hit 2 sloughs in the last two days that had 100+...we’re scratching away, two of us got 4’s challenging when a slough is erupting and birds are everywhere but not real close...lots of decisions in a millisecond, some good, some bad!!!! A local farmer and wife were buzzing by last nite in their side by side, they have cattle nearby...we fed them, and they offered up 3 pieces of their ground for us to hunt...should be some birds there, one piece will have hundreds, I know that spot pretty will be hard for 2 of us, but there’s usually a straggler here and there... just curious, but I thought I had read somewhere in the past that you had some properties you were doing up for conservation/hunting ??
Did that not pan out, or am I just mistaken ?
And I do enjoy your write-ups and reports.....agree that sitting out on a porch in the middle of nowhere listening to the calls of the wild is as good as it can get...
In the meantime, the pop up camper on my 77 chevy is a good substitute...might retire that rig when it hits 50 years of service to me.....which is coming up faster than I like..


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Season has concluded, hope to live long enough to have another late season like this...warm, little snow, very comfortable conditions right through 1/31! Amazing! Tough hunt, however...9 birds for the 2 of us for 3 days. Not bragging, I bagged 8 of them, my buddy was just always in the wrong spot...and, hunting too fast...didn’t want to preach to him, but he was walking past birds...holding pretty tight. MT prairie bird season opens in 7 here before we know it!!!!!🤩👍


Jealous of the late winter bird hunting. I love the dilemma over what to do when 100 plus rise. Gotta work slow for the hold out. He's there, just got to out last him. 8 birds to 1 should be preaching enough!