FC AFC Field Bred English Springer Spaniel Pups


FC AFC Absolutes Brutus Maximus x Blue River's Section C. 2 males available, born 6/15/2022.

I have judged field trials all over the USA, and some dogs I run in to stand out as the best of the breed in my honest opinion. Maxx is one of those dogs. I seen his talent shooting over him the fall of 2021. And after the 1st series, I was asking his handler about his status as a stud dog. I did not know this was his start, and he was just turning 2 years old. WOW.. He ended up 2nd in the open that day. He went on to gain several placements that fall, and finished a national as a 2 year old. He came to the mid west this spring, and mopped up, adding 3 more wins to his many to come. Completing his FC & AFC titles as a 2 year old... He is an amazing animal, and he lines up well with Shauna. His personality is solid as well. This is a chance to obtain a pretty special talented gun dog..

Maxx2 (2).jpg
Maxx.jpgMaxx pedigree.jpgShauna1.jpgShauna Pedigree.pngShauna pups1.jpg
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