Favorite shotgun?


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Beretta 687 OU with a European oil finished stock that is steam bent and cut to fit me. I like the oil finish for grip and ease of repair of field scratches. The custom fit it was makes it my favourite, I think. It's also just pretty enough to make me happy, but not so pretty that I'm afraid to take it out in the rain.


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AYA Matador II, 20 ga, 26in, imp/mod, single selective trigger, auto eject
Modified Winchester 370, single 12 ga, 26 in, threaded for chokes.


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I guess I'm old fashioned but it works for me.

My old reliable 1964 Remington Model 1100 12ga. :)

Not only for upland game, but water foul as well. ;)


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Can't beat my '60 Browning Sweet Sixteen for pheasants. For Sharpies and Huns I'll take my 16 ga. Browning Citori White Lightning.


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I have two. My 1959 Sweet 16 and a 12 gauge SXS made in 1949 by Barovnik in Ferlach, Austria. I especially like the Barovnik because I found it sitting forlornly in a consignment rack in a lock shop in KS.


Last year my Stevens 555 was my "go to" as I love how light weight the gun is. I will be purchasing one in 20 or 28 gauge for my upcoming UP Michigan grouse hunt this year.


Beretta AL390 Silver Mallard for semi-auto, Browning Citori Lightning for O/U. Both in 12 ga.


Boy, what a question! You sure make it hard. To be honest, what ever gun I happen to be hunting with that day. But, if I had to say just one, it would be my 12b James Purdey & Sons. She's a self-opener, SLE, 29" bbls, DT, English grip and splinter forend, choked IC/Lt Full and weighs in at 6lbs 6oz. I guess you could say she's my baby!

Fun post.........but hard!