Favorite pant or chaps to hunt cattails in the snow?


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Where do you get the Dans five star? Looking at their website it doesn’t look like you can order directly from them?


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Where do you get the Dans five star? Looking at their website it doesn’t look like you can order directly from them?

Their web site has a map indicating dealers in the U.S. Where are you located? I'll look it up.


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I did see that but only one in Minnesota is over a two hour drive one way. Hoping perhaps there was a good online place that people like to use


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Where do you get the Dans five star? Looking at their website it doesn’t look like you can order directly from them?
Has the phone number to place an order with an agent at the top of their page.
I spend a lot of time chasing pheasants in the snow which means I beat the shit out of the cattails with my golden. Anyone have any recommendations for a high quality waterproof chap or upland pant? I have a pair of browning and Carharts that I like and wear every time out, but I do get wet once the snow flies. I’ve learned to just live with it.

I run hot, could be -50 during pheasant hunting and I won’t get cold. But it absolutely drives me nuts how my pants get wet and then I do get a bit cold going between spots. Not to mention the annoying wet feeling all day, I don’t deal with a ton of briars in the cattails, so it doesn’t need to be burr proof necessarily. A few stickers at the end of the day doesn’t bother me. I spend 90% of my time once the snow hits walking through thick cattails with my golden.

I’m fine with my early season pants when there’s no snow. But when I’m beating cattails in 10 inches of snow all day what have you found that you like (or 18 inches in WI today)? I have no limit on budget, buy once and cry once.

Pics of my crew for attention.
I have a pair of wicks tuffr an hell bibs nylon the trouble with nylon you will be dry on the outside but soaking ass wet on the inside because the nylon doesn’t breath all the body moisture stays in same with the chaps prob the best is hunting pants and spray with silicone boot spray about every outing give it a try


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I stumbled upon some Patagonia bibs with nylon facing lower legs and brown duck material for everything else. I tend to run hot as well and used them last week for the first time in SD. First 2 days were in 20's with winds 10 to 20 steady. They kept me comfortable and held up well in the cattails and other cover. 2 days hunting aren't enough to highly rate but it was a good start. Only downfall they are lightly insulated and I didn't wear them on the days it was 40 as I knew I would be to hot.


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I hate chaps.

For what you are talking about I have two pairs of cheap, military gotten bibs.

Two different types, one baggy and the other more for fitting and heavy duty.

We hunt some think, tall stuff that holds snow. It it isn't waterproof you will be wet, cold and miserably in short order.

Being cheap (less than $30 ea.) I have never worried about tearing them up. I just keep them in truck and pull them over what I am wearing if needed.

They are light too.


Ended up wearing the Dan's 5 star for 2 weeks and I have to say they are pretty much exactly what I wanted. I wore my kenetrek gaiters over the top for the last 2 weeks of pheasant hunting and was really happy with them. I broke through the ice in a slough this last weekend in wet, gross, stinky muck up to mid-thigh and I was nice and dry. I know it's only been a couple weeks but early on it's been 50 dollars well spent. Wore them with my Carhartt upland pants on Sunday and temps were hovering around zero with a 15-20 mph wind and my legs were fine.

My gaiters on the other hand are completely trashed. I've had them for 3 years and abuse them elk hunting and wear them often pheasant hunting so it's not a surprise. Wasn't overly happy with the Kenetrek's, may need to switch for next year.