favorite hunting shirt

Skeet Mc

I like the Game Hide, button down, long sleeve with the orange shoulder patch. Wrinkle free and tough. And not all that expensive.


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I like to feel athletic when hunting, so when it gets cold I wear a UA mid weight base layer, a cheap walmart sweat shirt, and a light weight hoodie. I can wear this combo when temps are in the 50's or when temps are near zero. In cool or warmer weather, just the base layer and a t shirt. I don't want anything with buttons on it. A typical day pheasant hunting would have me walking 10-15 miles and anything with buttons seems to restrict movement and not breathe well.


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A typical day pheasant hunting would have me walking 10-15 miles and anything with buttons seems to restrict movement and not breathe well.
I know thisis a shirt topic but 15 miles!!! I get your probably chasing some ranging pointers but still. I run a lab and don't rarely go 5mi on a bad day. I can't even imagine being on such pheasantless grounds me and Benny had to go that far to find a couple. 😳

Golden Hour

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Hot (65+) - T-shirt
Warm (50-65) - Long sleeved t-shirt
Cooler (20-50) - T-shirt and hoodie
Cold (sub 20) - t-shirt, long sleeved t-shirt and hoodie

Granted, sunshine and wind will affect these, but that's pretty much the standard.


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Early season I'm rocking my light First Lite merino wool layer and a thin blaze orange polyester long sleeve (or t shirt if it's real warm). When it starts to cool down (sub 50) I'll switch to only my merino wool layers. I've hunted in single digits with 2-3 layers of merino wool and my light bird hunting jacket from Cabela's.
The best all round shirt for hunting (upland, big game, etc.) that I've found isn't made any more. But it's a Worsterlon shirt from Cabelas. I've had 6 of them over the past 30+ years. They are 100% polyester but yet warm like wool and the dry very fast. They wash up great and are ready to wear without a wrinkle right out of the dryer. I've only read glowing reviews about these shirts over the years and have no idea why the manufacturer ceased production. I just did a Google for Worsterlon shirts and it turned up nothing. I think Gander use to have some also. I still have 4 of them hanging in the closet. They are a great looking shirt that you can wear in the field or casual dress.
And boy do they last. The colors never seem to fade. I have 3 and have known the secret for years. I mainly only wear them deer hunting. I don't want them to wear out!


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I guess I'm cheap -

Russel Athletic t and long sleeve shirts - can buy them at Wal Mart even though I dont like the store - mostly found on their website - some stores have them in stock - but they have the breathable stuff for when it's warmer - or layers meant to keep your heat in but still be breathable when it's colder.

Costs FAR FAR less for the SAME thing as Under Armor etc and all the expensive crap at Cabelas -

Those work good for base layers even when it'd down to single digits and just layer up with a cheap hoodie - I'll tear them up anyways and I'd rather fit in like a ks local farmer than some big city boy wearing brand new stuff. You're more relatable if you ever ask for permission.

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I have an old Codet polyester blaze orange skirt. Bought it for deer hunting, but it gets used every year for bird hunting. It's time for another but I can't seem to locate one on the internet.
Finally ordered a blaze shirt from LL Bean...even though it has BROWN buttons.