Farthest east You've shot a Kansas rooster


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Do misses count?:eek: If so, Jefferson county north of Perry Reservoir is the easternmost point in KS that I have seen a pheasant.
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I have a buddy with a family farm outside of Lansing- I've seen a few roosters shot on his place....this was back around '03 or '04.


Killed a couple on Kaw WMA in Oklahoma once. Had one run across road just across state line in that same area. Well east of I35.


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I shot a couple just west of Elmdale a couple miles along the creek. I saw them in a thicket and pulled in the house nearby and ask if I could hunt. They said go ahead they very rarely see pheasants so doubt I would shoot any. I said maybe I would get some quai . I shot two roosters and saw several hens. This was around 2010. I have heard of guys shooting some around Americus and also around Olpe in the past. I have seen dead ones on I35 between Emporia and Lebo when hauling beans a couple times.


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Hiawatha. That was back in the late 80's/early 90's.
Yup and even further east. Back in the day it would not have been unusual to kill a few. When I hunted there I hunted for phez because quail just weren’t around there much
We used to kill a lot of rooster's in Jeff Co around Perry in the 90's and I still kill one or two a year around there. In fact was out last Saturday and got slicked by a rooster but we did get into a good Covey on the same farm!


Between Toronto and eureka.
That's surprising. We used to own some ground just east of Madison and we'd see them once in a while on the roads. Over time we learned that a different landowner nearby was releasing them.


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Benedictine bottoms in Atchison is supposed to be pretty good pheasant hunting. Any one want to give it a go?
It is a special draw deal. I've actually drawn it twice, it is "OK" hunting. Lots of permits get issued so it gets hunted 2 sometimes 3x a week. Last time I went we had a group of 4 (you're allowed to take friends) and we only shot 2 roosters. Cover was THICK and the birds weren't as plentiful as I had hoped. I didn't bother putting in for a draw this year.


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Hunted Benedictine Bottoms last 2 years. Bagged a couple roosters last year. No roosters seen this year, just quail. Some of the toughest walking we have done. We used to have access to private crp near Atchinson before it went back to corn/beans. It was quite the honey hole for pheasants in the late 90’s-early 2000’s.


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Quail hunting with dad and brother in law on brother in laws farm just north of Winfield, dog went on point and we thought we had a covey to play with. Out comes a cackling rooster. He didn't survive. They see enough around their place to know they're there more than a once in a while fluke.


Not that long ago you could hunt pheasants anywhere along 36 border to border. Unfortunately it’s pretty tough these days in NE KS. There are some birds around if you know where to find them. Even us locals mostly leave them alone these days but we get a couple every year.