Enjoy the Day Tomorrow!

IA at heart

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Gentlemen and Ladies - After 9 months of waiting, I hope everyone has a fun, productive and safe opener tomorrow. Good luck to all. Be safe and please post some pics and reports of your weekends activity!

Madison COunty

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I won’t be hunting for a while but I hope everyone is having a great time! My uncle in NE Iowa says there are all kinds of birds on the farm. They still have a lot of corn right now but once it gets out hunting should be excellent.


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A buddy and I hunted several public lands in central Iowa today. It was pretty slow but we did get a few in the bag. It took a lot of walking though! All the roosters that we got seemed to be older birds for some reason. I didn't hear a lot of shooting from other parties either. There is still a lot of corn in the fields. It's only going to get better from here on out.