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Drove up to Enid today and scouted the area for birds for opening day. Started out at Drummond Flats. Didn't see a single bird from the road. Doesn't mean they're not there just didn't see any. From there we went North East of Enid and seen five roosters north of Garber and Billings. Anyone else seeing birds?
Hey coach,
Thanks for the update. Haven't been to Drummond Flats as of yet, will be there opening day. Talked to one guy who hunted early teal there and he said that he heard roosters crowing. Hunted 20 times at Drummond last year and shot 4 roosters. Hard to come by as you know, but that's why it's called hunting. Had good luck in SD both in Sept for prairie Grouse and Oct for pheasant. Been out around Okeene Quail hunting
(5 times) only got into one covey. Very poor compared to years gone by😞.
Hope to catch up w/ya and see how your lab is working out.
Saw two roosters no hens. Dog was working both but they were runners and flushed out of gun range. Was checked by the game warden and he again stated that the population was sparse. Saw several hunters, heard a few shots but not many. Pretty wet and muddy but scenting conditions were great. The guy that had teal hunted early season sent me pic of his lab and a rooster he had shot in the a.m. He also stated that he had taken a long shot at another one but had missed.
Don't think I'll go out tomorrow, if you go out coach, let us know how you did.
Thanks for the observation. It was an older bird w/good spurs also. Didn't measure the length of the tail. Now that you mentioned it, I should have. Yes, looking at the pic it looks longer than normal. Don't know what I was thinking. Cleaned it in the field and than dumped the feathers and guts in the dumpster.
When out early this morning Dumpster Diving and retrieved the tail feathers of the rooster I shot yesterday (posted above). With my wife's help we photographed & measured it's length.
I will be posting the results by 6pm ((CST) tonight.
Here's where you come in:
In between now and 6pm guess and post your measurements.
The winners prize: BRAGGING RIGHTS
Good luck. 👍
Here is a few from the last few years. Try to save one per bird if it has any length. Several from this year. We grow them longer up here.


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