Eastern Oregon Trip #2


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Got back from Eastern Oregon last night. Had a great trip minus getting both feet caught in some barbed wire that was half buried in the ground and half in a ball on the ground. I thought the pictures of the pheasant feathers were absolutely beautiful. Lots of birds and great dog work and awesome friends.


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I lived in Bend for several years and would make the trip east several times during the season. The only place I’ve had quail hunting as good was West Texas on private land in a wet year.
When people talk about "eastern OR" what does that mean. SE, NE, East central??? What kind of stuff are you looking at to hunt? River and creek bottoms or sagebrush flats? I'm not looking for points on a map, just trying to figure out what part of the state to concentrate the all the driving in. Thanks
Malheur County is the place. There are quail along the Owyhee River along the canyon (BLM land) all the way up to Owhyee Reservoir. There are also Chukar up on the slopes of rocky cheatgrass along the canyon as well. Additionally, there are a lot of quail along the Malheur River between Harper and Juntura on (BLM) land. There are to or three State Wildlife Management Areas west of Juntura and south at Riverside that had a ton of quail. We also hunted from the top of the mountains looking south down to Riverside along the Malheur River and there were lots and lots of chukar. It's big country but filled with birds. Same story there quail along the river and Chukar up on the cheatgrass slopes.

We did really well on the Wildlife Management Areas, especially the one that is due west of Juntura.
They are California. Perhaps one person's California quail is another's Valley quail though.
They are California. Perhaps one person's California quail is another's Valley quail though.
Yeah, what I grew up I feel like are the same bird as what the California quail I grew up shooting not to far from where you hunted.