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Going out tomorrow and hopefully getting in to them. We have had bad storms here every night for a week and the white-wings are gone. hope it doesnt storm tonight because if it does they wont be flying.:)


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Goodluck !!!!! Got to go out the other day and sat in my chair for an hour and was done!! Another limit with the 28!!! I can't shoot at birds coming from the left that are above or right behind me. Well, I can shoot but can't hit them as I can't rotate enough. Have fun!!!


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well it sucked. only saw one dove flying in two hours. and only saw two driving back to town. all the rain we have had sent the white-wing south. and there is water everywhere.:(


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Sorry to hear that.
I spent an extended amount of time in Yuma one year. I was injured. Off work. From So. Cal. Hunted the Indian Reservation there.
Also probed into a little Quail. Interesting they were always hiding inside those big bushes.
Got my dog some exercise.

quail hound

From what I've heard they were all in CA Jmac. One of the best openers in years are the reports from the Blythe/ Imperial Valley area.