Dogtra T&B Dual

I replaced my old Dogtra T&B 2502 system with the new Dogtra T&B Dual system. I had the old 2502 for 7-8 years I am guessing. The new dual system is very similar to the old, with a couple nice exceptions. The new Dual system , first has separate controls for each training collar, no trying to manage toggling between the two collars. It seems a beefier in construction also. It has a pager on each collar, that allows user to page each collar without electric stimulation, which I really like, it get's the dogs attention without zapping them, lol. It also of course has the beeper settings for point, run, or locate, the latter is most often what I use. I purchased my system from Collar Clinic in Michigan, who i would recommend highly, I have used them several times in the past, and they are always very helpful and quick in their responces. I have only had system a week or so, but I am liking it.


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Bought the same collar this year, I had always borrowed a friend T&B prior to this and found the toggle switch annoying. So nice to have a dial for each collar for different stimulation levels. Too many times I have flipped the toggle and forgot to reset the stimulation for that dog and they either got hit too hard or not hard enough. I wish the handheld was a little smaller but not much you can do with twice the buttons and dials. Digital display with the T&B Dual is really nice as well.
The hand held is bigger then the 2502 , to me it feels beefier, lol. I am really getting to like the separate controls for each collar, much easier to operate. Like you mentioned the toggle system was a pain at times.


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I still have and use my Dogtra 2002 T&B 2-dog unit i bought back in 2006. bullet proof is how I would describe it. Replaced the original batteries about 4 years ago and had to get a new horn replaced on one of the collars, other than that zero issues.