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Hello, last year I used an Mendota Skid Plate on my female lab. She is a big girl with a deep sternum. Bought her an X large but it still chaffs her on the inside of one of her legs. Straps are maxed out, my wife has modified the opening but it still fits too tight. I see Filson makes a skid plate style just wondering how that works on big dogs or is there another brand I could be looking at? The Mendota works fine on our smaller lab. Thanks, Richard


The best skid plate is the one god provided your dog. I will throw a neoprene vest on my dogs for late season waterfowl over water occasionally. But when I’ve used Cordura type skid plates hunting upland the dog has ended up with seed pods trapped, nasty chaffing, nipples rubbed raw etc. I also fear entanglement in an old fence running through a slew etc. If I had a thin coated dog like some pointing breeds I might feel differently but I doubt it. I also don’t buy into the theory that skid plates make the dog more visible, if my dog is in cover so sparse that I can see his bottom half I really don’t need help seeing the top half.
Sorry about getting on a soap box and not answering your question! I must be bored.


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Switched all my dogs to CUGA Vests last year. IMO, best production upland vest available...


Sometimes I use a browning neoprene vest.I think it's better when it's cold out, because I think they retain heat, which might not be good on warm days.