Dog Training seminar with Julie Knutson


On Saturday March 19 the Rocky Mountain Pointing Lab club is sponsoring a seminar with Julie Knutson at her place, all day. There was some discussion regarding topic- what people needed or wanted, but I'm not sure I ever really got a
Next Saturday we're going to have an open Q and A session in which participants can ask any question, discuss any problem, or ask about elements of their training program they're confused about. Maybe "what's next?" after the work done up to now.
I think we'll have everybody's dogs for demonstration and a few finished dogs to show the finished objectives. If anyone wants bird work the birds will have to brought in- I don't have birds for this seminar. Plenty of dead birds available though!
This should be extremely interesting, I hope to see you there! The RMPLC page has information for it.

Check out the EVENTS tab on our webpage:

I know several of you know Julie and understand what a bargain this is to be able to pick her brain for a day. The cost is $65 for RMPLC members and $100 for non members. Hope to see you and your dog there!


The seminar is back on!!! Saturday April 2nd at Gun Club Labs property in Orchard. Times and cost are the same. All are welcome and please bring your dog (any breed).