Dog attacked by mystery animal

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Need help identifying an animal that attacked my bird dog at Killdeer Plains WLA Sunday.
I've hunted Pheasant for 40 years, and never had an experience like this, and it bugs me because I can't figure out what happened.
My 40 lb German short haired pointer locks up in the middle of a large, thick, thigh high grass field, and my nephew moved in for the flush. When he got beside her, something grabbed her vest, and started pulling her into the grass, she had her feet planted, and was being pulled into a small tangle of briar growing in the grass. She yelped as her nose got cut, Andrew grabbed the top of her vest, and kicked into the grass, connecting with an animal that he only got a glimpse of.
Black shiny fur was all he saw. He said there was a 6 ft dia. circle of matted down grass nearby that seemed odd.
What could have done this? Are there Badger in western Ohio? not exactly black....
Wild dog? no growling, barking....seemed to disappear.
Bobcat? maybe....not black. anyone have a similar experience??
Thanks, Maven


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Pheasant Maven

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I thought of a black coyote, but I doubt if one would stick around with us hunting the field, let alone allowing someone to kick it.

Just had a thought, trapped or snared whatever, pulled stake, was hung up where the matted down circle was, pulled free, hung in the briar where my dog found it.

My dog is almost 11, she has seen and smelled all manner of animals, hunting 5 states, and working on a shooting preserve most of her life, the last time we jumped a bedded coyote, she was between my legs before we saw it.


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I am inclined to go with the badger on this one, It was my first thought as I was reading your post. We have badgers here in Indiana, not a lot by any means but they are defiantly strong enough to pull a large dog around with no problem.


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Young Bert, the not-right dog, once locked on point to a tuft of tall grasses. I kicked at it three or four times, then lifted my leg and stamped down on it.

Turned out to be a dark-furred raccoon of some 25 pounds, with a cranky attitude about being awakened. In one of the YB stories, I describe the fight and the finish.

BUT that raccoon was dark and strong and not retreating at all.

Just a possibility.

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Talked to a Game Warden, he said the closest badger sighting was in Williamsport, OH, which is directly south of Killdeer, 40 miles or so.

Equally far from Indiana, which is where I assume they are coming from.

Talked to an old trapper that claimed fisher are making a comeback in Ohio.

I looked them up, and at best they are a 36' long 12 lb. animal, very efficient little predator, but I don't think one could pull my dog around. Plus they are more of a woodland type animal, Killdeer is mostly grassland.

too bad it's a 2 hour drive over there, I'd go back and at least hang some trail cameras.