Dog Assessment Time


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Early summer is when I take a good look at my dog's weight and build. This is a time of dimished activity, at least for a house dog like mine, and, consequently, an opportune time to put the dog on a diet in preparation for hunting season just a few months off. Mine weighed in at 41 last vet visit and struck my eye as a bit chunky. I reduced the height of her food in the coffee cup I measure it in by about a half inch. It's not enough of a reduction to make the dog uncomfortable and its just right to knock off a couple of pounds before the fun begins. She's looking trimmer.


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That's a good practice. One of my dogs is very trim and it is easy to keep the weight off her because she will swim all day if we let her. The other one is a bit of a challenge... She is pretty sneaky about counter surfing for anything on the kitchen counter, and there is just no stopping her from climbing up on anything to access the cat's food bowl. And this dog hates water, so it will be a real challenge to have her at fighting weight in November.