Deer opener & pheasant hunting?


Just a quick question for you Iowa guys that deer and pheasant hunt. How busy is it on Saturday on public land? A group of us that hunt every wknd are contemplating Hunting this wknd but I’m curious how packed public land is with deer hunters and if it’s even worth it making a 2-3hr drive? Are all the public areas hit or just spots with timber or sloughs? I know mn deer opener gets a little crazy with hunters everywhere and just curious if Iowa is the same? Don’t feel like putting my life or dogs life in danger if it’s crazy busy on public lands?? We would be hunting NC & NW part of the state. Thanks guys
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During deer season I try to stick to areas of public land that are all grass or marshy areas. I leave the areas with mixed trees and brush alone to avoid the artillery fire. And as always the further from town the better.


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It just depends. I am very selective when I take a look at a piece of public ground to hunt. If there are trucks there I keep on moving. Its just not worth it to me. I have shot lots of pheasant during this time and I have found some ground that I tend to overlook heading to my normal "preferred" spots.

Go hunt! Use good judgement and drive on by if you see lots of orange or trucks....